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Tuesday Sept. 17th. at 7:00PM

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Tuesday Sept. 10th at 6:30 PM



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House Rules

1. Children shall vacate the bar area by 8:00 PM except during concentrated youth functions.  Members children between the ages of 18 and 21 are permitted in the lounge when accompanied by their member parent/legal guardian (picture ID is required) in accordance with P.L.C.B. regulations.

2. Guest Visits shall be unlimited and must sign the special guest book provided to them by the bar tender.  After visiting on a regular basis, said guest may be presented with an application form and encouraged to join the order by a host member.  No member shall challenge the right of a person to be a guest without submitting a complaint in writing to the board for review, listing their reasons.

3. Use of foul, vulgar or offensive language shall not be permitted.  Any member or guest being offensive will be asked to leave and/or suspended if the request and law is ignored.  Members are responsible for their guest at all times.  Bar tenders must enforce this law at all times.

4. The Club shall be closed during the time of the funeral of a member.

5. In compliance with the Grand Lodge, the bar and any functions in the hall must be suspended during, Memorial Day Commemoration; also, During Flag Day, Veterans Day, etc. and other Lodge Service Events being held in the hall at the same time.

6. No member or their guest may leave the lodge without first paying their bill/debt incurred by them.

7. The Board has adopted the Grand Lodge Sexual Harassment Policy and shall post it.

8. During all regular and special sessions of the Lodge, the club (bar) room shall remain closed.  Members shall not be allowed therein.  Non members, spouse, and their children may use the facilities providing the use does not interfere with proper functioning of the Lodge meeting.

9. Members, their guests, and employees must wear proper, acceptable attire in the club, (I.E. men - no tank tops, etc.  Women - no low cut tops or dress, or too high shorts, etc.) Nor any offensive attire.

10. Programming of the Television and Juke Box operation shall be determined by a majority vote present at the time.

11. At social functions within the lodge/bar, with prior approval, may have a bar tab for the evening and it must be paid in full before they leave.  It may not be in excess of $75.00 at which time the bar tender will present member for payment.

12. Parking is not permitted on the lot other than business hours or the lodge.



The Berwick Elks has it's own pin. Thomas Brooks did a fantastic job at creating our new Lodge pins.  Ask the bartender for one, only $2.00.





















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